Helping Your Bank Protect The Elderly. Let Us Show You How.

As you probably know, elder financial exploitation is a fast-growing issue for banks like yours. Those elderly Americans are your customers or parents of your customers, and the losses they face are substantial. What can you, their trusted financial institution, do about it?

It starts with education. You have an opportunity to lead the way in making your customers feel safe. This is an opportunity to build your brand, build stronger relationships and, most importantly, protect the funds that you hold for your most loyal clientele.

Visit bankmarketingcenter.com today to view the creative and compelling messaging that we've developed to help you keep your elderly customers informed… and better protected. Choose from newspaper ads, counter cards, digital posters, and digital ads that you can post on you social media platforms, such as Facebook. No matter which medium you choose, it's important to get the message out to seniors and let them know that your bank is there to help.

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