How to use ChatGPT prompts in bank marketing

It’s obvious that we’re fans of ChatGPT. After all, back in July, we added AI-assisted content development to our suite of bankmarketing.com solutions through the integration of ChatGPT. With the addition of AI-assisted content development, clients can very quickly generate articles they need for newsletters and blogs and any other content they might need in their marketing efforts, including suggestions for their marketing plans. In short, the addition of this technology makes the creation of marketing content even simpler. Perhaps you have an extremely lean marketing team, or your marketing team members have no design or writing skills. In either scenario, ChatGPT is a true lifesaver.  

If you’re not intimately familiar with ChatGPT and its capabilities in terms of bank marketing, read on. As community bankers, it’s essential that you understand the benefits of this amazing technology.

For starters, ChatGPT, is by definition, an AI-powered conversational agent that can optimize a community bank’s marketing resources, deliver more engaging and meaningful customer experiences, and in so doing, drive revenue growth.

Ok, I know what it is. Now, how do I use it?

ChatGPT is certainly a great tool in creating content … if you know how to use it. To that end, we’ve included a few tips that will help – that is, if you haven’t already mastered it – to, at least,  get you started. 
Here’s what I did. I opened ChatGPT and used the prompt, "What should I promote in January as a financial institution?" ChatGPT generated the following response:

“In January, consider focusing on financial products and services that align with common New Year’s resolutions, financial planning, and seasonal trends. It then suggests marketing your investment products such as IRAs, as well as offering financial management workshops that can be considered a way to address a New Year’s resolution to better manage money.”

If you do not like the initial generated idea, use the prompt again and it will generate a different response. If you like the initial response and you want to write, say, a blog on the subject, you can then prompt ChatGPT with: “Write a 750-word article on why it's a good idea for banking customers to investigate investment products and financial management education in the New Year.”  The program will give you this, as a start:

“As the New Year begins, it presents an opportune time for banking customers to delve into investment products and financial management education. While resolutions often revolve around health and personal goals, prioritizing financial well-being can be equally crucial. Exploring investment opportunities and seeking financial education in the early months of the year can pave the way for a more secure and prosperous financial future.”

Pretty good, right? Again, if you’re not happy, prompt the program again for a different response.  You can continue to prompt the program, slightly modifying your prompts, until you’re happy with the response. You can modify your prompt as well. For instance, you can prompt ChatGPT with “make this article more conversational,” and you’ll get an entirely different response again. 

Next, say you’re working on an ad and can’t come up with a great headline. Use the prompt: "Write a headline for why it's a good idea for banking customers to investigate investment products and financial management education in the New Year. ChatGPT will give you this: “Empower Your Finances: Explore Investment Opportunities and Financial Education in the New Year for Greater Prosperity" Again, if you don’t like it, use the prompt again until your AI content assistant provides you with a headline you love!

How well does ChatGPT work?  You decide.  Back in July, we prompted ChatGPT to “write a 750-word article on how to get the most out of using ChatGPT in writing marketing content.” This is what our AI-assisted writer came up with. Now, is ChatGPT the award-winning writer you’d love working on your bank marketing? Perhaps not. Sometimes he/she can be a bit, well, “loose” with the facts, so it’s always good to do a bit of fact checking. But, it's a great tool for the novice, and even the professional writer who will occasionally suffer from a case of writer’s block.  PS: Never input information that you don’t want to share with everyone on the planet!

Want to learn more about prompting? Check out our video!

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