Don’t wait to get on Threads!

In the rapidly evolving world of social media marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial… and Meta’s new Threads is a great way to do that. In case you’ve somehow missed it – and I’m not sure that’s even possible?! – Threads is Meta’s new social media platform. Even though it’s only in its infancy, Threads has already attracted over 100 million users, and promises to revolutionize the way marketers connect with their target audience.

Is that overpromise?  I don’t think so. But don’t take just my word for it; this is from a recent article: “While Twitter admittedly has a 17-year head start on Threads, the Meta-owned social media platform has taken off in the short time since its launch. In fact, as of writing,1 Threads has become the fastest social media platform in history to reach 100 million followers.”

Looks like, according to, “Twitter is having trouble holding onto their current users, let alone attracting new users. In fact, a study in May found that 25% of users expect to ditch Twitter within the year.” I guess it’s safe to say that Threads is on the rise, and Twitter is on the decline. Should you drop Twitter in favor of Threads?  I say keep them both!

Now, in Twitter’s defense, the platform is still ahead of Threads in terms of functionality, with features such as a discovery page, a following page, hashtags, and direct messaging. Threads does come out ahead on post and video lengths, which are features that are moving users to the new app. Remember, too, that Threads is backed by Meta and its tremendous resources.  Many new features are in the pipeline, apparently, and Meta certainly has the power to make good on its promises. So, what else does Threads have that Twitter doesn’t?

Unparalleled User Engagement

Threads offers an immersive and interactive experience through industry-leading features, such as augmented reality (AR) filters, 360-degree videos, and gamification elements.  As a bank marketer, you can leverage these features to create compelling and memorable experiences for your audience, driving both engagement and brand building.

Targeted Advertising Capabilities

Threads provides marketers with advanced targeting options, allowing them to reach their desired audience with precision. Leveraging Meta's vast data ecosystem, marketers can tap into valuable user insights to deliver highly personalized ads. With Threads, marketers can refine their targeting based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and even specific actions within the platform, maximizing the effectiveness of their campaigns and improving return on investment.

Seamless Integration with Meta's Ecosystem

Another consideration. Meta’s metaverse is unparalleled. The company’s ecosystem spans a wide range of platforms that includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. Integration with these platforms offers you a more “frictionless” experience in managing your social media campaigns across multiple platforms. In short, a greater number of touchpoints with which you can “converse” with your audience.

Enhanced Influencer Marketing Opportunities

If you’ve ever considered influencer marketing (and you should), you’ll find no better platform for it than this one. Threads presents a great opportunity to tap into this trend, giving influencers the ability to create truly captivating and immersive content, which can be seamlessly shared with their followers. With the ability to amplify their message through Threads’ interactive features, influencers can drive authentic engagement and build strong connections with their/your audience. 

Community Building and Customer Support

Threads provides a fertile ground for community building and customer support initiatives. With it, you can create dedicated groups and communities, which can then help to build brand loyalty and encourage meaningful interactions among users. By actively engaging with customers through comments, messages, and live discussions, you can not only gain valuable insights into your audience's preferences, but their pain points, and wants, as well. This valuable feedback can go a long way in informing your product development, marketing strategies, and overall brand positioning.

Early Adoption Advantage

It pays to be one of the first. Being an early adopter can provide your bank with a significant competitive advantage. By establishing your presence on this new and innovative platform, you’ll differentiate your brand from the rest while capturing the attention of that younger, digitally savvy individual who you want and need as a customer. 

Get out there and be one of the first!

Remember what Marshall McLuhan said? “The medium is the message.” And, it’s as true now as it was when he said it back in the early ‘60’s. Quite simply, it means that the way that we send and receive information is more important than the information itself. And it is certainly true with Threads. With its engaging features, Meta ecosystem integration, influencer marketing opportunities, community building potential, and early adoption advantage, Threads offers community bank marketers a tactic that can connect their brand with an audience in exciting and innovative ways. If you’re not out on Threads already, now’s the time! And, as I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t be in any hurry to drop Twitter and replace it with Threads.  If there’s anything we know about Elon Musk, it’s that he never backs down from a challenge.

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