Creating compelling, compliant messaging with Bank Marketing Center’s AI content creation tools

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In the often madcap world of bank marketing, where trust and engagement are paramount, regulations are constantly changing, and new technologies are emerging on an almost-daily basis, crafting a compelling marketing message is, well, not easy.  It has always been “both art and science,” but to be fair, science seems to now be leading the charge. The advent of AI-driven content creation tools, in particular, has revolutionized the messaging development process, making it far easier for bank marketers to produce creative, targeted, and effective ads quickly and efficiently. Let’s take a look at how to use the AI content creation function in Bank Marketing Center's ad library and customization portal to enhance your marketing messaging.

Thanks to the new ChatGPT integration in the ad library and customization portal, content creation has never been simpler. Here’s an example. Say you’re contemplating what products and/or services your community bank marketing should include in the month of August. What we want in the end is a captivating headline and about 150 words of body copy. Where do we start? Let's start with the prompt, “what should I promote in August as a financial institution?” In just a few seconds, our AI-powered content generator offers up these suggestions:

Back-to-School Financing

  • Student Loans: Highlight competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options for students.
  • Savings Accounts for Students: Promote special savings accounts with benefits like no monthly fees, higher interest rates, or sign-up bonuses.
  • Credit Cards for Students: Offer credit cards designed for students with features such as lower credit limits and rewards for school-related purchases.

Vacation and Travel Financing

  • Travel Loans: Advertise travel loans with attractive interest rates and quick approval processes.
  • Travel Insurance: Emphasize comprehensive travel insurance plans 
  • Credit Card Rewards: Highlight credit cards that offer travel rewards, such as points or cash back.

Home Improvement Loans

  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit: Promote low-interest home equity loans and lines of credit for funding home improvement projects.
  • Personal Loans for Renovations: Offer personal loans with competitive rates and terms specifically tailored for home improvement purposes.

End-of-Summer Sales and Purchases

  • Auto Loans: Advertise special rates and deals on end-of-summer auto loans.

Financial Planning and Education

  • Financial Literacy Programs: Offer workshops or online courses on money management.
  • College Savings Plans: Promote 529 savings plans designed to help with college expenses.

Tax-Free Weekend Promotions

  • Special Promotions: Align product promotions, such as enhanced reward credit cards, with the traditional late-summer tax-free weekends.

End-of-Fiscal-Year Planning for Businesses

  • Business Loans and Lines of Credit: Promote business loans and lines of credit to help businesses manage end-of-year expenses
  • Financial Planning Services: Offer financial planning and advisory services to help business owners optimize their tax strategies and financial plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

Let's quickly review the list and choose a topic for our ad. (NOTE: Of course, you needn’t choose just one topic for the month. There are several on this list that would make good August product/service bank marketing opportunities.)

“Savings accounts for Students” seems like a good direction in which to go, don’t you think? There’s a very real chance that you’ll find a professionally-designed “Savings account for Students” campaign in the portal, in which case, your job is almost done!  If, however, you want to simply explore some copy options, you can use the ChatGT content generating function. In that case, your next step would be to prompt ChatGPT to “write a 150 word article on the benefits of a student savings account” with this result:

“A student savings account offers numerous benefits tailored to young adults embarking on their financial journeys. These accounts often come with no monthly fees, making them affordable for students with limited incomes. Higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts mean students can earn more on their deposits, encouraging them to save regularly.

Moreover, student savings accounts provide valuable financial education. By managing their own accounts, students learn essential money management skills such as budgeting, saving, and understanding interest. Many banks also offer online tools and resources specifically designed to help students track their spending and set financial goals.

Additionally, these accounts often come with perks like mobile banking, which provides convenience and accessibility for tech-savvy students. Over time, building a healthy savings habit can lead to a strong financial foundation, preparing students for future financial responsibilities such as paying off student loans, buying a car, or even saving for a home.”

Of course, the body copy can be lengthened or shortened easily depending on your needed length. This is accomplished by simply prompting ChatGPT to “edit the article to x number of words,” for example. Now that we have our body copy we need some headline options, so we input the prompt, “provide me with seven headline options for the article on the benefits of a student savings account with this result:

  • "Unlock Financial Freedom: The Top Benefits of a Student Savings Account"
  • "Why Every Student Needs a Savings Account: Key Advantages"
  • "Building Your Future: The Perks of a Student Savings Account"
  • "Financial Smarts: How a Student Savings Account Can Benefit You"
  • "Start Saving Early: The Key Benefits of a Student Savings Account"
  • "Empower Your Financial Journey with a Student Savings Account"
  • "Boost Your Savings: The Top Reasons to Open a Student Savings Account"

Pick the headline you like, and now you have both your headline and your body text/copy. All that’s required now is to double click inside an existing text box in the ad you’re customizing, paste in the text and then format it to your liking. The whole process took, what? About 10 minutes?


The AI content creation tool in Bank Marketing Centers' ad library and customization portal is a powerful asset for creating compelling, creative marketing messages. Now, with the help of our ChatGPT feature, you can quickly and easily create messaging content that you can post on your social platforms, on your website, or print and place in branch as, say, a counter card or flyer. 

By leveraging our AI content creation tool, your bank can streamline your content creation process, ensure brand compliance, and deliver personalized, engaging bank marketing messages to your customers.  Of course, with AI content, it’s essential that you double-check your copy for accuracy. While ChatGPT is extremely useful, it’s not entirely infallible. 

Bank Marketing Center

At a time, like now, when resources are thin, your bank needs to automate as much of your bank marketing production workflows as possible. Another consideration beyond a resource shortage? Compliance. Automating your review process ensures that all of your creative meets ever-evolving regulatory requirements, as well as your own brand standards. 

With Bank Marketing Center’s customization portal, your creative is automatically assigned the proper disclaimers and routed to the appropriate internal stakeholders, minimizing the chances of a compliance issue. We all know how costly a compliance violation can be. Just ask Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase, who recently and collectively shelled out almost $12 billion in fines.

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