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2023-11-03 6 tips for outsmarting (almost) Google. 0 None
2022-02-21 The Ducks are There. Take the Shot. 0 None
2019-04-17 ‘A Walmart-sized battle’ about fairness between community banks and core providers 0 None

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2024-04-17 3rd party cookies are crumbling. Will your bank really miss them? 0 None
2024-04-11 $90 Trillion is up for grabs. Is your bank ready? 0 None
2024-04-05 9 (or more) ways Microsoft Copilot can relieve your bank’s customer complaint headaches 0 None
2024-03-29 10 reasons to work from a creative brief in bank marketing 0 None
2024-03-22 GenAI won’t replace your job. But, someone using it will! 0 None
2024-03-18 Are you managing your data or is your data managing you? 0 None
2024-03-14 Personas, personalization, and high performing bank marketing 0 None
2024-03-06 Why content is still bank marketing king 0 None
2024-03-01 Which cop are you today? 0 None
2024-02-22 Why Elon Musk should run the USPS 0 None
2024-02-14 10 steps to a successful community bank marketing audit 0 None
2024-02-06 Gambling addiction. Is it a problem for banks? You bet it is. 0 None
2024-02-03 10 reasons to use video in your community bank's marketing 0 None
2024-01-24 GenAI and the 11-fingered spokesperson 0 None
2024-01-17 GenZ, GenX, GenAI, and community bank marketing 0 None
2024-01-09 5 community bank marketing trends to think about 0 None
2024-01-04 Is your bank marketing missing a generation or two? 0 None
2023-12-28 How to use ChatGPT prompts in bank marketing 0 None
2023-12-25 Fair Lending practices: An essential element of your bank marketing mix. 0 None
2023-12-12 Why your bank marketing should include "greenness." 0 None
2023-12-11 Are your customers satisfied? Survey says … 0 None
2023-11-29 Forrester’s Predictions for 2024. On the money? What do you think? 0 None
2023-11-21 The new workplace etiquette? 0 None
2023-11-15 Linking: Another Strategy for Optimizing Community Bank Websites 0 None
2023-11-08 10 tips for community banks ringing in the holidays 0 None
2023-10-19 You can create better customers.  Are you? 0 None
2023-10-13 A sign of the times … still. 0 None
2023-10-06 Newsletter marketing? Be a pro in no time! 0 None
2023-10-02 It’s back to work. Whether you like it or not. 0 None
2023-09-22 Farming is hard enough without a battle over the Farm Bill 0 None
2023-09-15 ABA report confirms that banks are more social than ever. 0 None
2023-09-06 Don’t wait for a crisis. 0 None
2023-08-29 Maybe they weren’t so “Mad” after all. 0 None
2023-08-23 Geofencing. A marketing tool whose time has come. 0 None
2023-08-17 Looking for highly targeted, measurable, cost-effective messaging? Google it! 0 None
2023-08-10 It’s in your best interest to help customers manage their debt. 0 None
2023-08-05 FedNow. A big opportunity for community banks and small businesses? 0 None
2023-07-27 Building loyalty with BTS for CLV 0 None
2023-07-17 Don’t wait to get on Threads! 0 None
2023-07-14 What student debt means to you, the community banker. 0 None
2023-07-07 What does ChatGPT have to say about maximizing the use of ChatGPT? 0 None
2023-07-04 Can the flexible workplace remain flexible? 0 None
2023-06-26 Hey banker, are you considering the “Z” factor? 0 None
2023-06-14 6 tips for taking your social from entertaining to motivating 0 None
2023-06-12 Harnessing the power of social media to build customer loyalty 0 None
2023-06-02 As the Bard once said: “Know thy audience!” 0 1
2023-05-26 Banks have money to spend on tech. Great. Now what? 0 None
2023-05-19 Did a robot write this? Can you even tell? 0 None
2023-05-13 Can social media bring down our entire banking system? 0 None
2023-05-04 If it seems too good to be true, guess what? 0 None
2023-05-01 The bank failure cloud has a silver lining for community banks! 0 None
2023-04-21 How banks can use social media to find and keep top talent. 0 None
2023-04-18 How important are marketing promises? Ask the customer you lost. 0 None
2023-04-10 It’s almost Earth Day. Market your “greenness!” 0 None
2023-03-31 Now’s the time to market that financial know-how! 0 None
2023-03-23 LinkedIn. Banking’s most underrated small business social platform. 0 None
2023-03-16 Remarketing. If at first you don't succeed... 0 None
2023-03-15 If ever there was a need for crisis management marketing, this is it. 0 None
2023-03-10 Are you marketing your sustainability? You need to. 0 None
2023-03-03 To be successful in bank marketing, you need triangles. 0 None
2023-02-23 If you’re waiting for them to come to you… 0 None
2023-02-15 A Q&A with Brian Hickey of the Florida Bankers Association 0 None
2023-02-09 You needn’t be a farmer to appreciate the Farm Bill. But, it helps. 0 None
2023-02-03 How marketing automation can help banks navigate rough “C’s” 0 None
2023-01-26 How community banks can weather the climate change storm. 0 None
2023-01-20 Want your content viewed?  Better pay attention to Google. 0 None
2023-01-09 Don’t let tech take your focus off what really matters. 0 None
2023-01-06 He opened your email. Now what? 0 None
2022-12-28 Your best defense against a cyberthreat? A vigilant employee. 0 None
2022-12-19 Small business is big business. Are you forgetting? 0 None
2022-12-12 Be sure to keep the trademark up. 0 None
2022-12-06 Will bankers ever catch a break? 0 None
2022-11-29 Your customers have something to say. Are you listening? 0 None
2022-11-22 Video banking was hot for a while. What happened? 0 None
2022-11-17 Every personal relationship has its price. Are you willing to pay it? 0 None
2022-11-10 Why you should add a student athlete to your marketing team. 0 None
2022-11-07 "The check’s in the mail”… and so is your personal information. 0 None
2022-11-01 This holiday, market your goodwill. 0 None
2022-10-21 The future of personalized messaging is here. AI-driven SMS. 0 None
2022-10-17 The tug of war over embedded financing. Who will win? 0 None
2022-10-10 Can Social Media Help Smaller Banks Find Friendlier Waters? 0 None
2022-10-05 Big revelation from the SEC: Actors paid for endorsements! 0 None
2022-10-03 What the cola wars can teach us about banking. 0 None
2022-09-24 It’s beginning to look a lot like [a BNPL] Christmas. 0 None
2022-09-19 They’re phishing. And you’re the phish they’re after. 0 None
2022-09-05 What’s in it for me? I’m glad you asked. 0 None
2022-08-26 3 reasons why you need that DAM solution. 0 None
2022-08-19 Google Analytics. Get way more than you pay for. 0 None
2022-08-14 Want to attract and retain the best people? Social media can help. 0 None
2022-08-05 The creative brief roadmap. Who needs one? You do. 0 None
2022-08-01 Can and should we do more about student debt? You bet. 0 None
2022-07-26 Marketing Dollars are Back. Are you Prepared? 0 None
2022-07-18 Are you getting the most out of your social media messaging? 0 None
2022-07-06 Almost 8 reasons why your bank needs a blog 0 None
2022-07-05 5 Ways to Attract Customers Using Social Media 0 None
2022-06-27 Smart social marketing starts with a SMART plan. 0 None
2022-06-20 Social Media Marketing. Is It Really That Simple? 0 None
2022-06-13 7 Characteristics of a High-Functioning Marketing Team 0 None
2022-06-07 Building a Content Strategy? What You Need is a Funnel. 0 None
2022-06-01 Are Community Banks Really Bucking the Trend? 0 None
2022-05-24 6 More Reasons Why The USPS Has No Business In Banking 0 5
2022-05-17 Top 10 Reasons to Start Your Blog Title with the Number 10. 0 None
2022-05-11 SEO. A Cure for the Invisible Website. 0 None
2022-05-03 Q&A with Neal Reynolds, founder and president of 0 None
2022-04-26 Do Community Banks Really Need a 3-Minute Application? 0 None
2022-04-18 BNPL? There are much better ways to borrow. 0 None
2022-04-12 Does Your Marketing Automation Tool Need an Education? 0 None
2022-04-05 Bananas, Baking Soda, and Bank Marketing 0 None
2022-03-25 Is the New Inbox the Old Mailbox? 0 None
2022-03-21 Help them learn now, so they don’t learn the hard way later. 0 None
2022-03-14 TikTok for Community Banks? @Whodathought? 0 None
2022-03-09 Steering your Bank in the Right Direction? 0 None
2022-02-26 The Problem with Bank Brand Loyalty is Also the Solution. 0 None
2022-02-10 Why we all need a Wall of Failures. 0 None
2022-02-04 The Fossil Fuel Industry. A Good Bet for Banks? 0 None
2022-01-31 Marketing “Mixology.” What Specialty Drinks Can Teach Us. 0 None
2022-01-26 Hey Community Bank! Should you Jump on the Kidfluencer bandwagon? 0 None
2022-01-24 Should a CMO Know How to Post Cat Videos? 0 None
2022-01-19 The Continuing Saga of Banking's Battle with Uncle Sam. 0 None
2022-01-13 The Power, and Importance, of Positioning. 0 None
2022-01-04 BNPL. The High Cost of Low-Cost Lending. 0 None
2021-12-30 Inclusive Marketing. Fact or Fashion? 0 None
2021-12-22 Is the banking industry warming up to global warming? 0 None
2021-12-17 A blog about… blogging! 0 None
2021-12-02 Financial Industry Messaging that Hits it Out of the Park. 0 None
2021-11-19 What is marketing, exactly? 0 5
2021-11-03 The Great Resignation. Is your bank resigned to living with it? 0 None
2021-10-08 The USPS can barely deliver a check, let alone process one. 0 None
2021-10-04 Here we go again! First the IRS. Now, the SBA. 0 None
2021-09-27 Community Banker or Tax Collector? Can the IRS tell the Difference? 0 None
2021-09-09 The Wallet. Now on the Verge of Extinction. 0 None
2021-08-31 Interested in cutting customer service costs by 30%? Let’s chat! 0 None
2021-08-23 What A Small Town Taught Me About Artificial Intelligence. 0 None
2021-08-03 What Banks can Learn from Caramel Colored, Carbonated Water 0 None
2021-07-28 Personalization versus Privacy… the Banker’s Tightrope. 0 None
2021-06-17 Your Mail? Don’t Worry, It’s On Its Way. 0 None
2021-05-17 Customer Service. Can Technology Fix It? 0 None
2021-05-07 Introducing Martech Without the Migraine. 0 None
2021-03-25 The Right Marketing Resource is Out There… If You Can Find It. 0 None
2021-03-09 Free Stock Photos Often Come with a Price. 0 None
2021-01-21 Auto re-fi loans can lead to additional revenue down the road. 0 None
2020-12-10 Why use a credit card when your PAL will Pay? 0 None
2020-12-07 Are you simply serving up Spam? 0 None
2020-11-26 Let’s not take Community out of Community Banks. 0 None
2020-11-18 Are you expecting? Maybe your bank knows. 0 None
2020-11-13 Trying to market in a pandemic? See what the experts say. 0 None
2020-11-06 Congress, Cannabis, and Covid-19 Put Banks in the Weeds. 0 None
2020-11-03 Bank On-Certified. An Initiative Worth Banking On. 0 None
2020-10-29 A Random Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way. 0 None
2020-10-20 Arkansas Bankers Association partners with Bank Marketing Center 0 None
2020-10-14 Will Branch Banking Survive the Pandemic? 0 None
2020-10-07 Show them the love... or at least, get it right. 0 None
2020-09-24 Meet Helen, Your New Customer Service Rep. 0 None
2020-09-21 Take your community bank to any community, anywhere. 0 None
2020-09-18 Let’s put an end to breast cancer, once and for all. 0 None
2020-08-12 Is the Google shortcut worth the risks? 0 None
2020-08-03 It’s time to take that piggy to market! 0 None
2020-07-27 The newest threat to Americans in need? Loan sharks. 0 None
2020-07-18 Who says banks can't learn beans from Goya? 0 None
2020-07-07 Digital Personalization: 33% Say It's Not Worth The Risk 0 None
2020-06-20 Covid Campers: Banks Put Americans on the Road to Recovery 0 None
2020-06-15 4 Reasons to be in the 41%. 0 None
2020-06-02 Small Businesses Will Survive... With Your Help. 0 None
2020-05-26 Brace Yourself for a PPP Loan Forgiveness Frenzy 0 None
2020-05-19 Their Credit Needs Protection, Too. 0 None
2020-05-14 Banker Action Figures? You Never Know… 0 None
2020-05-05 How the Paycheck Protection Program showed the True Worth of Community Banks. 0 None
2020-04-09 66% of You will Fail this Test. 0 None
2020-04-03 Get Your Message Out. 0 None
2020-03-25 Leading your Institution in a Time of Crisis 0 None
2020-02-14 Elder Financial Exploitation. Are We Doing Enough? 0 None
2020-01-14 The Negative Review... Is there Such a Thing? 0 None
2020-01-02 Time to Get in the Social Marketing Game. 0 None
2019-06-18 Technology Trends You Can Bank On 0 5
2019-04-08 Financial Literacy Becomes Required Subject 0 5


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